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and production of perfume, featuring the names of popular contemporary blends whose names. Washington Post 28 Aug. Ivan Lendl: Alfons Mucha. Fabricated perfume gradually mingles with and displaces natural fluids in this novel whose action dramatizes a move away from nature (and naturalism) and towards decadence. A growing suspicion of perfume, and vigilance to its implementation and proximity to the body, coincided with an increased likelihood that women of all classes might leave their scent trail in spaces beyond the privacy of the boudoir. Le Mouvement Thérapeutique et médical 1 Nov. La Joie de vivre. Rennet, Jack and Karel Srp. The mosaic-like narrative, obviously and intentionally free of plot twists, offers episodes and commentary on the life of Chérie Haudancourt, granddaughter of a minister of justice. New York Times 28 Aug.

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Violet, heliotrope, white lilac and Peau dEspagne had no effect on one patient but a few whiffs of Chypre threw her into a hypnotic trance (612). Rapports du jury international. Hygiène de la beauté. Swooning on ethyl-chloride perfumes and Jicky huffing may not have been widespread practices in France. And skin, long considered the threshold space between health and sickness, body and miasma, also suggests a threshold between public and intimate space. She also reports drinking Botot mouth rinse and eau de cologne primarily to mask the odour of ether on her breath. Literary works of the late nineteenth century frequently feature characters who demonstrate a particularly attuned sense of smell, often accompanied by deep connections to perfume. The emphatic and drawn-out description of perfumes wetness reads metonymically as an evocation of the bodys natural, damp secretions (sweat, vaginal fluid). Pierres Paul et Virginie. The promise to provide dry, invisible scent is significant, since fragrance was applied to linens. Because of further reported deaths related to Lance-parfum abuse, the product was finally outlawed in the 1960s.